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Evan Laframboise,

5th Brit, Marathon Des Sables 2018

Henry helped structure my training perfectly from having no experience in ultras straight to tackling Marathon des Sables. I went into the race feeling confident and believing in the training tactics we worked on which paid off immensely. I highly rate Henry – top bloke and a great coach

Nicole Marais,


He is a professional, skilful and talented personal trainer and coach… He also lives and breathes what he teaches which is motivational and inspiring and has a very personable and friendly approach. Highly recommended

Katie Matthews,


My only regret was not training with him from the start. This year, he has helped me train for my first ultra marathon, 33 miles across the unforgiving coast of Exmoor. His extensive distance and trail running experience and successes gave me a lot of faith…

Caroline Beaton, Senior Vice President, MTV & Comedy Central/

Cally Beaton, Comedian

Within 3 months of starting with him I had successfully, and relatively painlessly, run the London marathon, and since then I’ve achieved personal bests in several other races … he’s the best trainer I’ve had in a couple of decades of paying for personal training. With Henry, it feels more like an essential than a luxury item

John Forrester,

Senior Nurse, Great Ormond Street

If you want to get in shape and have a really good laugh along the way then I couldn’t recommend Henry highly enough

Nic Dilasser,

Comrades Marathon


St James Place Wealth

Henry pushed me to being in the best shape of my life




During my pregnancy I wouldn’t have been half as active as I have without the support and motivation Henry has given me. After every session, I’ve felt less stiff and achy and more in control of my body. His training is second to none and he continually strives to get the very best out of his clients. I’ll be sad when it temporarily comes to an end, but I know that I’m going to need Henry’s help more than ever to get active again, after my baby is born!

Kate Henderson,


His enthusiasm and constant positive attitude are endlessly uplifiting

Jenny Nolan,

Senior Nurse, Harrogate District Hospital

I have lost three and a half stone and can now exercise for an hour and not need an iron lung for a week after!



When I started my new job I had a problem knee, so I decided to try out this personal trainer my new colleagues praised so highly. Three years later … the knee is cured, I run 8k on a weekly basis, and the variety of exercises we do together have made me feel as strong and fit as I’m sure I ever did over twenty years ago. Not only are the sessions excellent (and appropriately exhausting), and Henry as knowledgeable about nutrition and lifestyle as any Personal Trainer around – he’s also interested in politics, culture, social issues, etc. One can set the world to rights while working out (very hard, of course) and having a laugh along the way

Russel Churcher,

Music Plugger

The tailor had told me I needed to lose half a stone in order for my wedding suit to fit well and I only had 5 weeks to do it in… I hit my target and more!

Ioannis Tosounidis,

Consultant Doctor

Henry  Morris impressed me with his professionalism and his pleasant personality. He is methodical, conscientious and he clearly knows how to train people.  He helped me excel myself in preparation for a sprint triathlon and I would recommend him with no hesitation. 

Simon Williams,

Software developer

I'm fitter and stronger than i've ever been

Sarah Laing,

Nurse Consultant

Henry manages to up the intensity each session according to my increased fitness and never misses a beat
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